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Auburn, WA 98092

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Chinook Elementary School

3502 Auburn Way South | Auburn, WA 98092

p: 253-931-4980 | f: 253-931-4728

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Kindergarten Information


Welcome to Chinook Elementary!  We are excited to welcome our new kindergarten students for the 2017-2018 school year.  Below are some important dates and times.  Things have changed, so please read carefully! 

 Tuesday, September 5:  Chinook Open House. Kindergarten teachers look forward to meeting all incoming students at our open house.  Chinook teachers, principal and district administrators will be available that evening to answer any questions and make you feel welcome. 

 Wednesday, September 6-8:  WaKIDS Kindergarten Conferences.  Chinook elementary kindergarten parents will be scheduled for a 30-minute  “Family Connection” conference using the Introducing Me! booklet with their child’s kindergarten teacher sometime between September 6 and September 8. 

 Wednesday, September 6:  Grades 1-5 start.  Students in grades 1-5 will begin class on Wednesday, September 6. Kindergarten WaKIDS conferences with parents and teachers will take place Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 

 Monday, September 11: Kindergarten classes start:  Kindergarten students will begin school on Monday, September 11. 

 If you have any questions, please contact us at 931-4980.  We are looking forward to a great learning year at Chinook!