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Immunization Compliance for 2022/2023 School Year

Immunization Compliance for 2022/2023 School Year - WA State law requires that all school age children are compliant with immunizations prior to the first day of school. This means your student will not be allowed to start school in Sept. if they are missing immunizations and/or do not have a current Certificate of Exemption on file. This requirement also applies to students who are remaining in remote online learning. Now is the time to start planning to ensure your student is fully compliant and can start school in Sept. If you are uncertain if your student needs immunizations, please reach out to the Health Room; we can assist you. You may also register with the MyIR Mobile app to gain access and control over your student’s immunization records. MyIR Mobile is in partnership with the Washington State Immunization Information System and the Department of Health and allows you to review your immunization history, get reminders for future immunizations, and even print your own official records…it’s all free and just a click away. 


*Immunization Compliance does not include the COVID vaccine.


Health Room Contact Information:

Nurse: Natalie Chan-Morehead

253-931-4830 #2