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School Speed Zone Cameras to Begin Issuing Tickets

School Speed Zone Cameras to Begin Issuing Tickets

Student safety is our top priority. To help bring awareness and improve student safety, the City of Auburn recently installed school speed zone cameras near some schools.


Research shows a pedestrian versus car accident at 30 MPH is significantly more catastrophic than an accident at 20 MPH. The speed zone cameras are a tool to help slow traffic to improve pedestrian safety.


The cameras were activated April 17 and during the first 30 days, the cameras issued warnings instead of a ticket for those speeding in the school zones.


On May 17, the school zone speed cameras will begin issuing $200 tickets for speeding infractions.


Tickets issued by the camera are treated like a parking ticket for insurance purposes and do not go on the driver’s record. After paying camera costs, money generated from the school speed zone cameras goes towards improved pedestrian safety.


Information from the City of Auburn about the cameras is available here.


Anyone who receives a ticket can reach out to King County Court:


King County Court Customer Service: 1-866-790-4111

To request a hearing: 206-205-9200

To pay an infraction:

To view the infraction video: The notice number and PIN number, located at the top of the Notice of Infraction, is needed to view the video.


Camera Locations:

Ilalko Elementary / Auburn Riverside High School
Oravetz Rd SE, both directions

Lakeland Hills Elementary 
Lakeland Hills Way SE, Northbound

Gildo Rey Elementary
M St SE, Southbound

Mt. Baker Middle School
37th St SE, Eastbound

Evergreen Heights Elementary 
S. 316th St, both directions

Arthur Jacobson Elementary /Auburn Mountainview High School
132nd Ave SE, both directions

Olympic Middle School / Pioneer Elementary
21st St SE, both directions

Olympic Middle School 
17th St SE, Eastbound