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SBA Testing

SBA State testing begins April 30th - May 21st 


Students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade take the SBA aligned to the Washington State Learning Standards in English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and Science (the Science assessment is for 5th grade only). These assessments measure critical thinking with questions that ask students to demonstrate their research, writing, and problem-solving skills. Parents and students will receive the results of these assessments from their school in a readable and easy-to-understand format.


3rd and 4th grade students will begin testing April 30th. 5th grade will begin May 7thIf your student misses the days of the test there will be some, but limited options for make-up tests. Student attendance is especially important during our testing timeframe.  More specific information regarding testing may be communicated by classroom teachers.


We strive to make the testing environment as calm and pleasant as possible. Students do their best when they are well rested and have food in their tummies. Timely attendance is necessary and much appreciated.  Thank you for partnering with us during the upcoming testing season.


Questions? Please contact your student’s teacher or one of our Building Online Testing Coordinators, Jesse Rodriguez at or Autumn Fitzgerald at