Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award - Little Pink Pup

by Johanna Kerby Year Published: 2010 E KER
This remarkable story of a Little Pink Pig and his dachshund mom will steal your heart!When Pink was born, he was the runt of the litter. He was so tiny that his bigger pig siblings pushed him out of the way to get food. So it was a good thing that Tink, a brand-new dachshund mom, was there to help. She cuddled up with Pink and made him feel right at home. Soon he was strong enough to play with his new puppy siblingsThanks to Tink's motherly instincts, Pink's story has a happy ending: he is now a big, healthy pig, thriving on the farm. The heartwarming bond between Pink and his adopted family proves that love and acceptance are just a tail wag away!