• TMA Information

    Submitting TMAs: To submit a TMA, follow this link: Submit/Track TMA


    TMA Priorities

    Please use this list to determine the priority of your TMA work order and the expected timeline for response. Please note that a response is an attempt to resolve the problem, not necessarily a solution.

    Work Order Example

    wo example
    • For itinerant staff, include time days and times they are in your building in the request field.
    • For HP laser printers, include the HP Managed # number in the request field.
    • Active -- currently open work order, will be done based on priority and date.
    • In Progress -- item has been started, but is not yet finished. We will return to finish.
    • Pending -- waiting on something, generally specified in the notes. Often waiting for a user to test to see if the problem is corrected.
    • Hold Vendor -- waiting on a vendor for physical device repair or technical support
    • Parts on Order -- waiting on parts that have been ordered/are being ordered soon
    • Hold Verify -- work we believe has been completed. User/building tech will receive an email from Information Technology asking if the problem is fixed.
    • Hold Other -- waiting on something specified in the notes
    • Schedule -- item requiring user to be there, or specific time requirement to repair
    • Readdress -- item we believed was fixed, but is not. We will return to try and solve the problem.