•  Acceptable Use Policy
    Acceptable Use Procedures for Electronic Resources (English)
    Keep your network login and password safe and private.
    Change passwords in accordance with district policy.

    Create files, digital projects, videos, web pages and podcasts using network resources in support of education and research.

    Participate in blogs, wikis, bulletin boards, social networking sites and groups that support education and research.

    Create content for podcasts, email and web pages that support education and research.

    Cite appropriately sources used from the internet or other     electronic media.

    Keep personal information private, including your full name, home address and phone numbers on web sites, blogs, podcasts, videos, social networking sites, wikis, and email or as content on any other electronic medium.

    Keep other individuals' personal information private on any       electronic medium unless first obtaining permission to share.

    Notify a school authority if dangerous or inappropriate information or messages are encountered online. 

    Use other users' accounts.
    Access unauthorized computers, networks or information systems.
    Cyberbully, harass or distribute hate mail of any kind, including discriminatory jokes and remarks.
    Post, send or store information that could endanger others. 
    Demonstrate actions that are unethical, illegal or result in liability or cost to ASD.
    Copy or make copies of electronic works or software programs; this is the same as stealing.
    Hack, vandalize, or introduce viruses, worms, or other changes to hardware, software and monitoring tools.
    Access, upload, download, store or distribute obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit material.
    Use ASD technology for personal gain, commercial solicitation or compensation of any kind.
    Physically alter parts or components of district technology devices without explicit prior approval of the Department of Technology.
    Download, copy or reproduce district data, data sets, and/or data collections of the ASD.