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    Welcome to the Auburn School District. Our mission is to provide accurate, timely compensation and benefits to all employees. It is our goal to provide information to educate staff so they may make informed decisions concerning their pay, retirement and insurance benefits.

  • Do you want to see what you are being paid for? 

    Go to Payroll Check History, tip into the selected check (circle with arrow inside), select Timesheets on the left and you can see the list of your pays. Comments will tell you what any extra pay is for.





    Direct Deposit is a requirement for all employees. Direct deposit changes are due to Payroll by the 10th of the month to be effective on the month-end Payroll.

    Payday is the last business day of the month. The dates are as follows:

  • Please email your requests for Verifications of Employment to: payroll@auburn.wednet.edu.

    All VOE requests must include the signed Borrower's Authorization to release their financial information.


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    • September 30th
    • October 31st
    • November 30th
    • December 29th
    • January 31st
    • February 28th
    • March 31st
    • April 28th
    • May 31st
    • June 30th
    • July 31st
    • August 31st

  • Contract and Extra Hours Pay:

    Contracted regular time is paid over 12 months for ALL District employees except those hired after September 15th.

    Payment for any extra hours is paid the following month. Example: Extra hours worked in October are turned in to Payroll the first week of November, and then paid at the end of November.


  • Name Changes:

    Name Changes can only be made after you have supplied Payroll with a copy of your updated Social Security Card.

    SS Card


  • Phone/Address:

    Changes to your address, phone number, W4 (tax withholding) and Direct Deposit need to be requested electronically. These changes are requested through Employee Access. Go to Employee Profile, Employee Details, Edit. 

    Online forms