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    To provide a physically, socially and emotionally safe and caring learning environment.

    To safeguard the lives and well-being of students, staff and visitors. As part of the learning community, focus on establishing and building relationships with students while maintaining a lens of equity.

Our Safety & Security Program includes:

    • Campus Safety Officers - These Auburn School District employees are assigned to work in one of our secondary schools. Their presence in the schools is important to student relationship building and allows them to understand the rhythm and flow of the building.

    • School Resource Officers - SRO assists the Auburn School District administration in maintaining a safe and secure environment. Their presence in the schools is important to student and staff relationship building. The school districts benefits from the SRO's training, knowledge, and experience in handling law enforcement situations. The SRO provides a highly visible presence to deter or identify trespassers on campus.

    • Emergency Management Partnership - Our strong partnership with the City of Auburn and King County Department of Emergency Management assures that we are constantly assessing our ability to respond to disaster and unforeseen incidents. Auburn School District personnel host a monthly meeting with members of surrounding emergency management partners to assure that we are in a process of continuous improvement.