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    • Our role is to serve families and support school administrators and school staff.  

      The key leaders for schools are our principals and assistant principals. They work alongside students, staff and families to provide an incredible experience for each student, preparing them for the next step in their school progression.  We value collaboration and model lifelong learning, constantly looking for ways to Engage, Educate and Empower our students for success, as well as increase our effectiveness as leaders.  

      We know that part of a student's success is to feel connected to their schools, and the athletics and activities programs offered from elementary, through middle school and into high school, serve as a key component of feeling connected. These extracurricular activities also provide an opportunity for students to apply and extend the learning from their classes, while also developing critical citizenship, sportsmanship and leadership skills that will prepare them for their post-high school aspirations.

      The organizational chart outlines a complete overview of the Department of School Programs.

      The individuals listed offer support and supervision for the Auburn Schools listed below their names.

  • Ryan Foster, Associate Superintendent, Principal Leadership & School ProgramsRyan Foster,
    Associate Superintendent

    Principal Leadership & School Programs

    • Arthur Jacobsen Elementary
    • Evergreen Heights Elementary
    • Gildo Rey Elementary
    • Ilalko Elementary
    • Pioneer Elementary
    • Terminal Park Elementary
    • Cascade Middle School
    • Rainier Middle School
  • David Halford, Executive Director, Principal Leadership & School ProgramsDavid Halford,
    Executive Director

    Principal Leadership & School Programs

    • Alpac Elementary
    • Bowman Creek Elementary
    • Chinook Elementary
    • Hazelwood Elementary
    • Lakeland Hills Elementary
    • Mt. Baker Middle School
    • Auburn High School
    • Auburn Mountainview High School
    • West Auburn High School
  • Heidi Harris, Assistant Superintendent, Student LearningHeidi Harris,
    Assistant Superintendent
    Student Learning

    • Dick Scobee Elementary
    • Lake View Elementary
    • Lea Hill Elementary
    • Washington Elementary
    • Willow Crest Elementary
  • Dr. Louanne Decker, Assistant Superintendent, TechnologyDr. Louanne Decker,
    Assistant Superintendent

    • Olympic Middle School
    • Auburn Riverside High School
  • Karen Sain, Executive Assistant, School Programs & Principal LeadershipKaren Sain,
    Executive Assistant
    School Programs & Principal Leadership