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    November 2021:

    The proclamation from the Governor legally requires all school district staff, coaches, school volunteers, substitutes, contractors and others working in school facilities to get a COVID-19 vaccination. If you would like to volunteer for the 2021-22 school year, we will need you to update your volunteer application with your proof of vaccination. There are many of you that have recently completed your volunteer application, so you will need to go back into the system to complete this additional step for approval.

    If you are interested in volunteering, please follow these steps: 

    • Log into your application. Login with the email address you received this email from. Do not create a new account. You are only required to update your existing account. If you have forgotten your password, click Update Application, then enter your email address and click the Send Password link.  If you have any login issues please contact us for assistance.
    • You should then be directed to your My Checklist.
    • Click on My Uploads.  Uploaded a copy of your vaccination card. Please also review your photo ID to make sure it has not expired. Click to return to My Checklist.
    • Once you have uploaded your card and returned to your My Checklist, your application status will change from Incomplete to Complete. We will then review your updated application and re-approve it. Once reapproved, you will receive an email message.


  • Auburn School District
    James P. Fugate Administration
    915 Fourth Street NE
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    Classroom volunteers and parent organizations provide active support and assistance in Auburn schools. When serving as a volunteer, please sign in and out of the building's front office. All volunteers are required to complete an online application form.
    If you are a school, coach or student volunteer, please complete your online application by clicking on the link below.
    Instructions for online volunteer application can be viewed here: Volunteer Application Process
    If you require assistance, you can contact us at:

    Phone: 253-931-4916