• Strategic Plan 2017-2022 Web Banner

  • In the winter of 2017, a committee of more than 60 parents, community partners, students, teachers, administrators and staff developed a new 5-year strategic plan. 

    Our goal is 100 percent of students graduate and are ready for the future. The new plan outlines the foundational strategies to achieve this lofty goal.

  • Students graduating and students in the classroom.


    Our plan will...



    • Build student, family and community relationships and partnerships.
    • Create safe and supportive learning environments that result in high levels of daily attendance and engagement.
    • Involve students in establishing ownership for their own learning.
    • Enrich and support the whole child through a range of curricular and extracurricular opportunities.


    • Hold ourselves accountable for each student's learning and graduation.
    • Ensure all students experience relevant and rigorous instruction.
    • Ensure equitable access to learning opportunities.


    • Ensure each student has a personally relevant PK-12 educational program.
    • Ensure students achieve competency in communication, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, character and civics to core academic skills.