• February 2020 Levy Banner (Kids playing, kids in classroom, school bus, technology)

    Replacement Levy Facts and Information

    Special Election

    On February 11, 2020, Auburn School District will have two replacement levy propositions on the ballot. The levies replace current levies that expire in 2020, they are not new taxes. The ASD Board of Directors prioritizes a stable tax rate when seeking local tax funds. 

  • Educational Program & Operations Replacement Levy - Students in culinary class.

    The replacement levy provides funding for: 

    • Staffing not funded by the state
    • Special education
    • All athletics and activities
    • Family engagement staff & activities
    • Career & College Readiness activities
    • Extended Learning Opportunities

    Visit Educational Program and Operations Replacement Levy for more detailed information.

  • Technology Replacement Levy Banner - Students in classroom using computers.

     The replacement levy provides funding for:

    • Sustaining existing technology and infrastructure
    • Expansion of 1:1 technology to K-12
    • Funds for innovation
    • Resources for computer science instruction
    • Computers for Career & Technical Education
    • Upgraded classroom displays in all schools

    Visit Technology Replacement Levy for more detailed information.