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    SafeSchools Alert Anonymous Tip Line 855.790.9375 (toll free)
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    SafeSchools Alert is an anonymous tip line that students, staff, parents and community members can access to safely and discreetly report a potential crisis, inappropriate behavior or suspicious activity to school administrators.
    Report tips about:
    • Weapons or threats
    • Bullying or harassment
    • Physical or sexual abuse
    • Arson or criminal activity
    • Gang activity
    • Suicide concerns
    • Vandalism or theft
    • Online predators
    Callers have the option to speak to a live person or leave a message. All calls are transcribed, documented, and routed to the designated authority immediately. For emergencies, always call 911. All tips submitted to SafeSchools Alert System are taken seriously and will be acted upon. Please be responsible with your submissions.
    4 Easy Ways to Report:

    Phone: 855.790.9375

    Text: 855.790.9375

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