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    Student Special Services
    Student Special Services
    502 4th Street Northeast, Auburn, WA 98002
    Phone: (253) 931-4927
    Fax: (253) 931-4742
    Auburn students with disabilities, age three to 21, may receive special education and related services in each elementary school, middle school and high school, through home/hospital instruction, and through vocational training placements.
    Special education programs are non-categorical in the sense that each student is placed in the program best suited to deliver the services specified in the student's IEP, regardless of the student's disability. Program placement decisions are made in accordance with the concept of educating students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. That is, we seek to provide appropriate learning environments to the maximum extent possible with non-disabled peers, and within the neighborhood school or as close as possible to his or her neighborhood school. In circumstances where unique needs cannot be met within existing district programs, contracted placements are available in neighboring districts and nonpublic agencies.
    Students may receive special education services if they have a disability as defined by Chapter 391-172A of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC), demonstrate that the disability adversely impacts their educational performance in the general education program, and require specially designed instruction. The eligibility categories include: developmentally delayed, emotionally/behaviorally disabled, health impaired, specific learning disability, orthopedically impaired, speech or language impaired, autism, traumatic brain injury, intellectual disability, multiple disabilities, deafness, hearing impaired, visually impaired/blindness.
    A new special education federal regulation (§300.212 Public Information) requires that the Auburn School District “must make available to parents of children with disabilities and to the general public all documents relating to the eligibility of the agency under part B of the Act.” Please contact Debra White at (253) 931-4927 to obtain a copy of our most currently available IDEA-B application.
    Referrals for Special Education
    If you would like to initiate a special education referral, please work with your child's teacher or the school counselor at your child's neighborhood school. They can work to address any disability-related concerns and ensure any needed supports are in place, up to and including a special education evaluation, if necessary. You may reach out to them directly, or may complete this optional form and provide it them to help frame your request.