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    Native American Education Program

    Robin Pratt, Native American Education Coordinator- Office: 253 931-4880; ext 702125

    Leslie Mizuki, AHS Intervention Specialist – 253 931-4880 lmizuki@auburn.wednet.edu

    Jeane Scott, Olympic Middle School- 253 931-4966 jhscott@auburn.wednet.edu

    Sharleen Shown, Title VI Tribal History and Literacy Liaison – 253 931-4880 sshown@auburn.wednet.edu 

    Brooke Broussard, Virginia Cross Native Education Center, 253 833-1536 bbroussard@auburn.wednet.edu

    Native American Education and Virginia Cross Native Education Center
    There are over 70 tribes represented in the Auburn School District. Grades of these students range from Head Start through grade 12. The Muckleshoot Indian Nation represents nearly one-third of our Native population.
    Other tribes represented are: Aleut, Apache, Arapahoe, Assiniboine, Blackfoot, Calista, Eskimo, Cherokee, Cheyenne River Sioux, Chinook, Chippewa, Choctaw, Chugach (Alaska), Coeur d' Alene (Idaho), Colville, Comanche, Coos/Umpqua/Siuslaw, Coquille (Oregon), Cowichan (British Columbia, Canada), Dakota Sioux (Canada), Delaware (Oklahoma), Dot Lake Village (Alaska), Grand Rhonde, Athabaskin, Haida, Inupiat Eskimo (Alaska), Karuk (Alaska), Koyukon, Laguna, Lakota, Lummi, Makah, Navajo (Arizona), Nez Perce (Idaho), Nisqually, Nooksack, Ogalla Sioux, Omaha (Nebraska), Osage (Oklahoma), Potawatami (Oklahoma), Puyallup, River Desert Band, Rosebud Sioux, San Pasqual Band, Sitnas/Bering Strait (Alaska), Snoqualmie, Spokane, Standing Rock Sioux, Steilacoom, Suquamish, Tla-O-Quiant (British Columbia, Canada), Tlingit (Alaska), Towakan Pueblo, Trinidad Rancheria CCA, Tulalip, Turtle Mt. Chippewa, Upper Skagit, Yakima and Yukip Eskimo (Alaska). All Tribes and Nations are welcome and these students are valued in the Auburn School District.
    "Indian Education" is a part of the public school system because of legislation by the United States Government. Title IX laws state that: "(1) the Federal Government has a special responsibility to ensure that educational programs for all American Indian and Alaska Native children and adults--(A) are based on high quality, internationally competitive content standards and student performance standards and build on Indian culture and the Indian community; (B) assist local educational agencies, Indian tribes, and other entities and individuals in providing Indian students the opportunity to achieve such standards; and (C) meet the special educational and cultural related academic needs of American Indian and Alaska Native students."
    The Virginia Cross Native Education Center serves students, grades 9-12, who are at-risk of not going to school. The program was originally developed as a drop-out retrieval program. It serves Native American students who were not attending Auburn schools or tribal schools. This program focuses upon the student earning high school credit and progressing towards high school graduation. The students attend school at the Virginia Cross Native Education Center which is on the Muckleshoot Reservation.
    For more information, contact the following:
    • Robin Pratt, Native American Education Program Coordinator, located at Auburn High School: 253-931-4880
    • Brooke Broussard, Virginia Cross Native Education Center: 253-833-1536
    • Native American Education-Chinook Elementary: 253-931-4980
    • Native American Education-Olympic Middle School: 253-931-4966
    • Native American Education-Auburn High School: 253-931-4880
    • Native American Education-West Auburn High School: 253-931-4990