• Beginning in the fall of 2022, the ASD will provide all required school supplies to all students. Harnessing the power of buying in bulk, the ASD is providing pencils, notebooks, pens, earbuds, erasers, crayons and much more. Grade-specific school supplies will be distributed during the first week of school and will be replenished throughout the school year. Schools will have supplies for new students who enroll during the school year.

    The district made this change as part of its strategy to put equity into action. For some families, purchasing school supplies put a strain on the family budget. This shift provides each student with the correct school supplies for learning and removes the burden for families to buy them.

    If students want to bring supplies, they will be allowed, but every basic school supply will be provided.

  • Elementary School Supply Kit 2022-23 Image

  • Middle School Supply Kit 2022-23 Image

  • High School Supply Kit 2022-23 Image