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    Emergency Protocols and Procedures
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    1. Building principals are required to be certified on the Incident Command System. Initial training for ASD principals took place in the spring and summer of 2008. Administrators who are new to the district are informed of the requirement and typically complete ICS training individually if not already certified.  ICS training is accessible online.

    2. All schools have comprehensive safety plans and are mapped pursuant to RCW 36.28A.060. School safety plans address emergency mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. The school mapping system provides city and county law enforcement agencies, local fire departments, emergency service providers, and county emergency management  agencies accurate, specific information when accessing a school during any school shooting event. School plans also identify school transportation procedures for evacuation, including bus staging areas, evacuation routes, communication systems, parent-student reunification sites, and secondary transportation agreements consistent with the school mapping system.

    3. All schools in the district are required to update their plans annually to reflect any changes in staffing. This typically takes place in August, prior to the beginning of the student year.

    4. Schools conduct no less than one safety-related drill each month that school is in session. Schools complete at least one drill using the school mapping system, including three drills for lockdowns, one drill for shelter-in-place, three drills for fire evacuation and one high-risk event drill determined by the school-earthquake, lahar, flood, etc. Sample drill procedures for each kind of emergency are available on the OSPI school safety center. All drills are logged and reported to the district.

    5. Emergency Procedure Handbooks are posted in each classroom in the district, and in building offices. The handbooks identify protocols and resources for staff for a variety of emergency scenarios.

    6. All schools have identified protocols for visitors, including sign-in/sign-out procedures.

    7. The district employs three commissioned police officers as well as security personnel.

    8. District Emergency Communications (2-way radios) are presently being upgraded throughout the district to include: separate emergency radio channel strictly for emergency use; portable emergency radios provided to all facilities with multiple channel programming for essential intra-district communications; New, 2-way radio communication base stations; and utilization of up-to-date radio technology to improve radio signal coverage within the district boundaries.

    9. References are available on-line:
    Helping Children Cope: Teacher Resources for Talking About Tragedy:
    Resources for Talking to Kids About the Tragedy:
    Helping Children Cope with a National Tragedy:
    http://www.news-press.com/article/20121214/HEALTH/121214017/Connecticut shooting-Helping-children-cope-national-tragedy
    Talking to Your Children About the Recent Spate of School Shootings:
    SafeSchools Keeping Your School Community Safe
    SafeSchools Alert Anonymous Tip Line 855.790.9375 (toll free)
    SafeSchools Alert is an anonymous tip line that students, staff, parents and community members can access to safely and discreetly report a potential crisis, inappropriate behavior or suspicious activity to school administrators.
    Report tips about:
    • Weapons, bomb threats or fights
    • Bullying or harassment
    • Physical or sexual abuse
    • Arson or criminal activity
    • Gang activity
    • Suicide
    • Vandalism or theft
    • Online predators or threats of violence
    Callers have the option to speak to a live person or leave a message. All calls are transcribed, documented, and routed to the designated authority immediately.
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