• 2020 Citizen's Ad Hoc  Attendance Area Committee Banner  

  • The Auburn School Board has used an ad hoc citizen’s committee to develop recommendations regarding specific issues. Our student population continues to increase within the district. Over the last five years, the district has grown by 1,965 students requiring a review and balancing of enrollment.  Consequently, it is necessary to review attendance areas at all levels PK-12.  Here is the elementary enrollment by building as of October 1, 2019.

    During the winter and spring of 2020, an Attendance Area Committee convened to review the boundaries of each elementary, middle and high school, and to make recommendations to the School Board for accommodating student enrollment in the Auburn School District throughout the Building for Learning phases that are scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2022. 

    Per School Board Policy 3130, the following factors must be considered by the committee in making recommendations: 

    1. Minimizing the disruption of the students and maintaining learning programs.
    2. Maintaining established neighborhood groupings. 
    3. Retaining siblings in the same school. 
    4. Maintaining relationship with the middle school and/or high school attendance area.
    5. Adjusting class loads to available space. 

    Coordinating transportation routes within attendance area.  

    The committee presented a report to the School Board on April 27. The recommendations were presented to the board on May 11 for first reading.  Click here to view the presentation.

    Here’s the timeline for the remainder of the process:

    • The ASD Board will review the recommendations for first reading at the May 11 board meeting.
    • Between May 12 and 20 we will present the recommendations to the community and gather feedback. The format for this gathering the feedback will be determined soon.
    • The recommendations are scheduled for final review and adoption on May 26.