• Business and Payroll Department Contacts:

     Cindi Blansfield, Assistant Superintendent

    Business & Operations

    Business Services

    Troy Dammel     Executive Director              253-931-4926

         Budget and Financial Reports

    Debra Podesta    Budget & Accounting         253-931-4936

                                   Systems Analyst
         ASB Accounting and Fixed Assets

    Jennifer Rein     Senior Accountant               253-804-4509

         Financial Reports

    Rico Lopez         Accountant                         253-887-3987


    Lee Barlow         Account Technician            253-887-3975

         Accounts Payable, Scholarships, Invest Ed Fund

    Kathy McNulty   Account Technician            253-931-4935

         Accounts Payable

    Natalie Williams   Admin Assistant               253-931-4930

         Accounts Receivable and Facility Use

    Gary Van Hee       Coordinator                      253-931-4970

                                  Bidders List

    Jan Bernasconi     Technician                        253-931-4970


    Grants and Contracts

    Laurel Lorenz       Coordinator                      253-931-4947



    Kelley Nybo          Director                            253-931-4924

    Lori Harding          Coordinator                       253-931-4924

    Kristen Rife           Technician                        253-931-4924

    Thomas Bell          Benefits Specialist            253-931-4924

    Colleen Stiver       Technician                        253-931-4924