• New Hardware, Software and Projects

    The Department of Technology supports the use of new and emerging technology. A project proposal is required for any technology new to the district, modifications/additions to the network infrastructure, and/or new versions of software. Questions related to technology project submissions may be directed to Executive Director Jennifer Clouser. 

    To get started with your request for service:


    Equipment Replacement/Additions

    Use this link if you are a Building Technology Coordinator, Technology Support Specialist, or administrator needing to request a single piece of equipment like a computer or projector.

    For all school/department technology purchases, please reference this Current Technology Pricing for standard equipment information and pricing. Attempts to purchase technology outside of these standards will be delayed with referral to the Department of Technology. 


    New Software Authorization

    Do you intend to use a new online tool with your students? Do you require a specialized piece of software on your district device? Do you need a Chrome Extension or Android App for student use? Please use this form before using or installing new software to ensure the technology meets the district standards for data security.

    You will be notified when it is approved or denied. Please do not use the software prior to DOT approval. 


    Project Proposals

    Are you looking to introduce a new tool or processes into our district?  Or do you need assistance with a technology project that is more than a work order, requiring ten or more hours of work and/or touching ten or more devices?

            ◊ Seek the assistance of your Building Tech Coordinator or Tech Support Specialist to complete this process.
            ◊ Complete the online Project Proposal Form.
            ◊ A project lead will be designated by Jennifer Clouser, Executive Director for the Department of Technology.
            ◊ The project lead will reach out to you and, as needed, other stakeholders for additional information and consideration.

    Projects will only be approved if hardware and software integrate into the Auburn School District's technical environment. Data security requirements must be met. See also: Donation Standards; Current Technology Price Sheet

    Click here for more information about what happens next with a Project Proposal. Please note: Project proposals for summer should be submitted prior to Spring Break each year to be considered for implementation by the coming fall.