•  2018-2019 End of Year Technology Update for Families


    New Resources Make a Difference for Learning

    Technology is making its way into all curriculum resource reviews in the Auburn School District. Several new resources are in classrooms now or planned for fall to complement important unplugged work in our classrooms:

    • "Wonders Online is the best thing that's happened!" remarks Chinook 2nd grade teacher Tiffany Kriss. This new tool provides students on-the-spot feedback within online activities and games aimed at teaching and assessing reading and writing standards.
    • All elementary students will have Quaver on their Chromebooks to learn and produce music at their own pace and level. 
    • In middle school science classrooms and next year in high school, STEMscopes provides students access to continually updated video and interactive content illustrating real-world natural phenomena.
    • Newly adopted middle and high school Big Ideas math materials include editable online resources for assessments and practice with an emphasis on math in the real world. A full Spanish version of the text is online.
    • A new Avancemos interactive text will include current new articles, podcasts, videos and listening activities, and leveled readings to support students in learning Spanish.
    • High School Chemistry teachers have used CK12 open educational resources to customize a text for Auburn students. Google Classroom will be used to distribute the free, interactive content, allowing budget to provide more materials for experiments and hands-on activities.