• 2020-2021 Technology Update for Families



    Getting Back to Normal Better!

    Staff, leaders, and students across our schools indicate their technology skills have improved over the past year. Teachers are excited to bring expanded applications of technology back into all our classrooms next school year.

    Seesaw will still be a resource for K-2 students. Teachers and parents love being able to see learning artifacts and hear their students’ reading. Lake View kindergarten parent Leanna Leavy adds, “It was easy for my kindergartener to navigate on his own… I also love that we can add pictures to his feed we will be able to look at for years to come.”

    SecURLy Classroom will continue to provide teachers a way to direct groups of students to online tools and to individualize feedback for students as they use their Chromebooks at school. Cascade MS teacher Katie Mikel notes her students use the tool to share, “issues with their learning, their environment, and their points of confusion” so that she can help them individually.” Between SecURLy and Gmail, student-teacher communication options are better than ever.

    Support tools that have become more readily used in our online setting can be brought into our regular classrooms too! SecURLy Classroom and Google Classroom allow teachers to target assignments or supports to specific groups of students while breakout rooms in Meets are used for additional small group learning. Teachers and students are using Google Translate, closed captions in Google Meet, SecURLy Classroom, and speech-to-text options in varied combinations to support multilingual students and families. Watch for Google Meets to continue as an option next year for family communication, too!

    The community’s investment in our Technology Levy continues to provide valuable learning resources.


    Announcing Auburn Online School!

    While some families will have a health reason to stick with online learning this fall, others are choosing to because online learning has worked well for students. You can learn more about our new school option at www.auburn.wednet.edu/auburnonline.


    Elementary School Take-home Chromebooks Survey

    The Auburn School District provides take-home computers for secondary students, grades 6-12. Our move to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic made it necessary to provide take-home Chromebooks for elementary students. Some have asked if we might continue with take-home devices for grade K-5 students. Family voice is important in this decision! Elementary families, please give us your opinion at this short survey link. The district will consider next steps this fall.

    For questions please contact the Department of Technology: helpdesk@auburn.wednet.eduor call us at 253.931.4940.