•  Roles and Responsibilities
  • The District Technology Advisory Committee (DTAC) will meet regularly to provide recommendations to district leadership on issues of: 

    ·         Policy (Electronic Use and Social Media)

    ·         Systems planning

    ·         Procedures and guidelines, including review twice annually of district Internet filter categories

    ·         Professional development

    ·         Levy implementation and technology deployment

    ·         District website implementation

    ·         Stakeholder communication

  •       Each DTAC member is called on to serve as -

             An Advisor: Provide a perspective from a particular school level, job role and/or program area to inform the district’s implementation of technology.

             A Collaborator: Recognize the perspectives of those from other school levels, content areas, roles and/or program areas, then work with committee colleagues on behalf of all district community members to contribute to the development of the best plans possible for implementing technology to facilitate achievement of the district’s strategic goals and objectives.

             A Communicator: Serve as the eyes and ears for our effectiveness in implementation, relating suggestions, concerns and commendations back to district leaders at meetings and directly through calls or emails at other times.