Student Data Security

  • The privacy and confidentiality of student data is an important consideration for all Auburn School District staff. School and district staff need to collect data about students, including their test scores, grades, credits earned, and other related information, such as demographics, enrollment, discipline, and program status. These practices allow staff to foster students’ academic achievement by identifying students’ talents and special requirements, monitoring their academic progress, and developing successful teaching and learning strategies.

    Subsequently, schools and/or the district may have legitimate educational reasons to authorize third-parties to access these student data for purposes such as communicating with parents, improving the effectiveness of education programs, or to identify gaps in student services.

    Parents expect their children’s well-being to come first when children attend school. This includes the expectation of respect for students’ privacy and adequate protection of the confidentiality of children’s personal information. Federal and State regulations further govern the ways in which student data may be shared.

    Auburn School District examines electronic resources which rely on the use of the students' directory information according to the district's security and privacy standards. Results of these evaluations are provided to guide instructional staff. Supporting educational resources around applicable federal and state laws concerning student data privacy are also made available for staff. These resources are at the following webpage: Data Security - Using Online Resources and Protecting Student Privacy

    The following requirements are in place to guide the development of written agreements with outside agencies or companies around access to student data, whether initiated at the school or district level:

    • ASD Terms of Service Requirements: The criteria which must be included when entering into an agreement/contract with an outside agency or company to provide an educational service which will require the exchange of student data, typically purchased and whose data exchange practices will be included within a larger contract, in a Terms Of Service (TOS) section.
    • ASD Data Sharing Agreement Requirements: The criteria which must be included when entering into a written agreement with an organization to provide a service which will require the exchange of student data or an organization conducting studies, audit or evaluations under the FERPA exception. (A template data sharing agreement may also be requested from the Department of Technology.)

    Note: Terms of Service/Data Sharing Agreements must be approved by the Executive Director of Technology prior to the final approval of any related contract.

    Adapted from the Privacy Technical Assistance Center

    U.S. Department of Education