30620 116th Avenue SE

Auburn, WA 98092

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Rainier Middle School

30620 116th Avenue SE | Auburn, WA 98092

p: 253-931-4843;253-931-4855 | f: 253-939-4318

Welcome to the Rainier Middle School Library.
Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m
 Mrs. Chris Wilson, a certified Library Media Specialist,and avid reader can be reached at cwilson@auburn.wednet.edu.
Our collection is comprised of over 15,000 titles, with many of the most popular Young Adult Literature selections.
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            Mission Statement

            The Rainier Middle School library media program will enable individuals to become information literate and effective lifelong readers. The program will provide educational and technological opportunities to students and staff in keeping with their needs and abilities. The program will enable individuals to access, analyze, assimilate, and use information effectively.