It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce myself as the principal at Lake View Elementary School! I have had the privilege of serving as principal for six years at Lake View. I was formerly a teacher and assistant principal in the Auburn School District. I am a Washington State University graduate and die hard Coug! I enjoy being outdoors, camping, and spending time with my wonderful wife and two children! I hope to have the opportunity to learn more about each of you as we progress through your child’s journey at Lake View!

    It is my pleasure to serve the students and families of the Lake View community! At Lake View we are committed to creating a welcoming school that empowers each child to unlock their unlimited potential. We are intentional about following through with that commitment each day as reflected in our daily student greetings, our systems for supporting all learners, and our belief that all students are college bound if they choose to be!

    To do this work right, it requires all of us! I encourage you to engage in your child’s educational experience, whatever that may look like for you. We are on a path of maximizing long-term hope for each student and I look forward to partnering with you along the way.

    Cardinals Fly with Pride and Cardinals are College Bound!


    Dan St Mary,


    Lake View Elementary


    Dan St. Mary