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    Our Mission Statement:
    Auburn School District Elementary Counselors assist students in the development of their academic, personal, social and career potential, while inspiring them to become resilient responsible citizens.
    The Role of School Counselors
    Classroom Guidance:
    School counselors design and implement classroom guidance lessons on a range of topics, some of which include problem solving skills, conflict resolution skills, bullying prevention and personal safety lessons.
    Individual and Group Counseling:
    School counselors meet students as individuals and in groups addressing for example, friendship, divorce, grief and loss and behavior management issues. In addition, the school counselor assists in crisis intervention and school success skills.
    System Support:
    School counselors consult with other schools professionals on student issues, assisting and developing intervention plans. They also provide community resources for caregivers. In addition, school counselors seek to improve school climate and implement a school wide bullying prevention program.
    Parent/Caregiver Support:
    School counselors collaborate and support parents and caregivers on student issues and provide needed information on resources.