• Arabel's Raven

      by by Joan Aiken ; illustrated by Quentin BlakeYear Published: 1974F AIK
      The injured raven Arabel's father brings home can say only "Kaark" and "Nevermore" but he still manages to make great changes in the family's life.
    • Bone-chilling tales of fright.

      by by Raelynne ReinYear Published: 1994F BON (pb)
      Stories include: Nature's way / Q.L. Pearce -- Post-mortem / Don Wulffson -- The poltergeist / Sandra K. Bailey -- The quarterback's revenge / Catherine Gourley -- Beat Bart / Robert C. Welch -- What goes around comes around / Anne Bancroft Fowler -- The witch / Sandra K. Bailey -- Hyde and seek / Robert C. Welch -- Dream catcher / Anne Bancroft Fowler.
    • El Gato ensombrerado = The Cat in the hat

      by escrito por Dr. Seuss ; traducido por Carlos RiveraYear Published: 1967468 SEU
      The Cat in the Hat visits two children one rainy afternoon.
    • Jess the Lonely Puppy

      by Holly Webb, illustrated by Sophy WilliamsYear Published: 2010F WB (pb)
       When Chloe's big brother, Will, breaks his leg, he's stuck in the hospital for weeks.  Mom and Dad are frantic and there is no one to look after the family's Border Collie puppyJess. Chloe is scared of dogs and Jess wants Will.
    • My first Spanish word board book = Mi primer libro de palabras en español

      by by Angela WilkesYear Published: 2002468 WIL
      "A first word-and-picture book that helps children develop essential vocabulary."
      Un libro de palabras y fotos que ayuda a los niños a desarrollar un vocabulario básico en inglés y español.
    • The 13 Colonies

      by by Carole MarshYear Published: 2010TG 372.89 MAR 9 (pb)

      Alike but different, bound together by common experience but made individual by geography - the original Thirteen Colonies formed the foundation of the United States of America! From Massachusetts to Georgia, the colonists learned to survive and then flourish in an unknown land full of obstacles and the unexpected. How did they muster the courage, the ingenuity, and the will to persevere? Learn just what it took in this book: The Founding Fathers American Flag-13 Stars and 13 stripes How the Colonies Formed Its Not Easy to Break Away from the Mother Country Meeting the Native Americans Hands-on Activities Reproducible Activities Glossary Fascinating Facts Timeline And Lots More! The compelling story of Americas original Thirteen Colonies is a meaningful one for all students who seek to understand how what we learn from history can help us in our own quests. The true high drama of emotions... the deprivations... the determination... and the "going the distance" in spite of setbacks has lessons for all ages, ethnicities, and genders. Read along, and be inspired! "If they did it, surely I can too!"

    • The fourth floor twins and the fish snitch mystery

      by by David A. Adler ; illustrated by Irene TrivasYear Published: 1986F ADL (pb)
      Two sets of twins suspect their neighbors of wrong-doing when they observe the strange behavior of the couple's nephew.
    • The Lonely Scarecrow

      by by Tim Preston ; illustrated by Maggie KneenYear Published: 1999E PRE (pb)
      lonely scarecrow with a scary face has trouble making friends with the animals who surround him, until a heavy snowfall transforms him into a jolly snowman.
    • Wonder Horse

      by by Emily Arnold McCully (Illustrator)Year Published: 2010E MCC

      In the late 1800s, former slave and veterinarian Bill "Doc" Key realized that his new foal, Jim, was no ordinary horse. Believing in the power of kindness and patience, Doc taught Jim to spell, recognize the primary colors, and even make change from a cash register! Performing in shows across the country, Jim stunned audiences with his incredible skills. But when some people called Jim a fake, Doc set out to prove them wrong and to show the world that, thanks to the power of kindness and patience, Jim was truly a wonder horse. Caldecott Medalist Emily Arnold McCully's account of this fascinating, true story comes alive in her striking illustrations. Wonder Horse is a 2011 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year.