• August 2016

    Dear Terminal Park Elementary community, 

    I am excited to begin a new school year at Terminal Park Elementary. I extend a warm welcome to all of you and look forward to working with you.

    We have an excellent school. Our compassionate, skilled staff members know how to help students learn and want what is best for them. Our students are eager to give best effort and learn. Many parents and other community members contribute to our school through volunteering and donations. Our PTA works hard to support us. Like all schools, we have opportunities for improvement, and our aspiration is to unite with you to help everyone succeed.

    I genuinely care about all children and their families, which motivates me to try my best to provide a quality experience for everyone. Ensuring a safe, positive learning environment is a top priority for me and all staff. We come to work every day with enthusiasm to support each student.

    Our partnership with the families of our students as well as other community members and organizations is a key part of our success. Students benefit as parents and guardians are involved in their formal education. We should have consistent communication between home and school for families to learn about what is happening at school and provide feedback to help us improve. Please be involved.

    The coming school year will provide wonderful opportunities for the academic and social development of our students, and it is vital that we combine our efforts to help them succeed. Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns. I am here to help. Thank you for supporting our school.


    Tom Dudley



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