Welcome to Dick Scobee Elementary!


     We are very proud of our school its community.  After a rebuild, we opened in the fall of 2020.  We have an enclosed campus that highlights student and staff safety, natural lighting, field turf for year-round play, and much more.  All visitors must enter the building through the front office once school is started, however our goal is that they are welcomed with warmth and great customer service.  We truly value our partnership with families and enjoy working together to ensure our students get what they need for lifelong success.


    We are a “No Excuses University School.”  This means that we are committed ensuring that all students have the social, emotional, and academic skills necessary for college readiness.  We believe that while it is never too early to begin talking about college with our students, there is such time when it is too late.  In order to help all of our kids accelerate their learning to ensure they are on track for college to be an option after high school we focus on creating 7 Exceptional Systems:

    • Universal Belief    - We believe that ALL student should have the opportunity to attend college and it is our job to ensure that.
    • Collaboration        - We value high levels of collaboration as a professional staff and our school to home connections.
    • Social/Emotional Learning       - Every day students are provided with learning, activities, and opportunities to grow socially/emotionally
    • Standards Alignment      - WA State Standards provide us with learning targets for our instruction, and we continually align.
    • Assessment            - Having an exceptional system of assessment tells teachers and students if we are on track to meet goals.
    • Data Analysis         - It is important to use the data we collect from assessments and perception data to guide our decisions.
    • Intervention/Acceleration       - We are looking to use the data we analyze to plan specific interventions and enrichment.


    Everything described above is done on a foundation of relationships. A core value for me as a principal and our building culture is that all of our students have a place they can be seen and heard.  We want students to feel safe enough to show up as their authentic selves, to see their families and values reflected in their learning, and to know that they are loved and accepted for who they are.  We promote Culturally Responsive Practices from our front office to the classroom.


    If there is every anything we can do for you, do not hesitate to ask.


    Adam Couch


    Dick Scobee Elementary