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Annual (Invader)

Tom Kaup

Auburn Actors' Guild

Warren Kerr


Kandy Gilbert


Donna Bowler and Jim Cleary


Janet Tarsi

Family, Career, Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

 Bess Owens

First Nations Club

Robin Pratt

French Club

Greg Isham

Freshman Class

Donna Bowler

Future Business Leaders of America

Gay/Straight Alliance Club

Robert Matthews

Harry Potter Club

Beth Cockcroft

Jewelry Club

Chris Telford

Junior Class

Beth Cockcroft

Key Club

Amber Davis


Katie Henry

Magic Club

Mike Grenz

Manga Club


Math Club

Jason Capps

National Honor Society

Sheryl Harmon, Jan Erie

Newspaper (Troy In'Voice)

Tom Kaup


Jeanne Maucotel


James Cleary


Chris Zawislak

Senior Class

Jennifer Skeel

Sophomore Class

Donna Bowler

Sports Medicine Club

Krista Parsons

Teen Book Club

Troy Crew

Katie Henry, Beth Cockcroft


Kurt Edwards

VICA Culinary Arts

Marci Killian

VICA Electronics

Chris Zawislak

VICA Metals

Jarred Foss

VICA Woods

Jack McCarley

Athletics Boys Basketball

Ryan Hansen

Athletics Girls Basketball

Jon Price

Athletics Wrestling

Dennis Herren

Athletics Cheer

Reina Wakefield

Athletics Gymnastics

Kristie Wilson

Athletics Baseball

Justin Mentink

Athletics Fastpitch

Brenna Nesper

Athletics Cross Country (g) (b)

Lacey Way, Greg Isham

Athletics Football

Gordon Elliott

Athletics Golf (g & b)

Justin Mentink, Jeremy Sagle

Athletics Soccer (g) (b)

Chance Darling, John Yorke

Athletics Swimming (g) (b)

Katie Henry, Mycah Birge

Athletics Tennis (b) (g)

Phil Smetheram, Crystal Wisness

Athletics Track (b) (g)

Greg Isham, Doug Burt

Athletics Volleyball

Shelley Davis

Athletics  (b) (g) Water polo

Jim Isom

 AuburnSenior High School CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS—2015-2016

 * Clubs or organizations related directly to a class.  Membership is contingent upon enrollment inthe class. 

 ^ Clubs that meet criteria for community service.


Students work to compile a yearbookwith pictures and text that "tell the story of the year."  The club meets fourth period and many timesafter school.  Good writing, organization,and time-management skills are needed. Photography experience is always needed as well as Adviserapproval.  There is no cost to thestudents.Adviser:  Tom Kaup         


Supports student leadership activitiessuch as conferences, contests, and other enrichment activities.  Students must be active members of the autotechnology class and pay dues to National/State VICA.  VICA is a student run, industry supportedleadership organization that provides personal enrichment andscholarship/employment opportunities for all participants.  Advisers:  Kurt Edwards

CulinaryArts Club operates Cafe' Auburn, executes catered functions outside of regularschool hours, and trains students to compete at regional, state and nationalculinary events.  Membership is limitedto students enrolled in Culinary Arts.  Adviser: Marci Killian

A competitive activity which developsbetter analysis, research, organization, and communication skills (listeningand speaking).  We compete against otherschools around the Northwest, and also travel nationally to some of the topmeets in the country.  Students on theteam prepare and participate in both individual and team events, in about adozen different speech contests and three forms of debating. Adviser: Donna Bowler

The Auburn High School DECAclub is one of the strongest in the state. Tied to our marketing classes, DECA offers students the opportunity touse business and marketing skills as they learn them.  Students compete with others from across America overmarketing topics.  Also available aremany marketing conferences around the country. DECA members learn marketing concepts, civic consciousness andleadership skills.  A $15 membership feecan be earned by students through their small entrepreneurship ventures. Advisers:  Janet Tarsi

Drama Club is open to allstudents and involves acting as well as technical theatre. Any student can joinand there is no requirement to be in a play. We produce three plays a year. Alarge cast show in the fall, a musical in late winter and a travelingsmall-cast play in the spring. We encourage students to experience theatre bygoing to other schools as well as professional theatres. We are also veryinvolved in local amateur and professional theatre groups.  Adviser:  Warren Kerr


FCCLA is a dynamic andeffective national student organization that helps young men and women becomeleaders and addresses important personal, family, work and societal issuesthrough family and consumer sciences education. It develops skills for life --planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision making and interpersonalcommunication -- that are necessary in the home and workplace. AHS leads thestate with the largest FCCLA chapter of over 100 students a year. Dues are $18annually.  Advisers:   Marci Killian and Necia Hansen 

This club promotes andshares traditional tribal cultural differences and experiences with each otherhelping to raise positive awareness of tribal cultural traditions at Auburn High School and in the community at large.  Club is open to all Auburn High School NativeAmerican students registered with the school district office of IndianEducation Adviser:  Robin Pratt

Purpose is to give studentsan opportunity to participate in activities which are easier done outside ofthe classroom.  These activities givestudents more exposure to francophone culture while supporting the languagework done in class.  We try to do avariety of things to appeal to different tastes:  cheese tasting parties, crepes parties beforeschool, French videos, movies and plays in Seattleand Tacoma, organizing trips to France,etc.  ($3 dues, anyone can join but it'smainly for French students).  Adviser:  Greg Isham

FBLAis the premierstudents’ leadership organization with a reputation supported by over 250,000members worldwide.  For nearly 60 yearsFBLA has been carrying out our purpose to bring business education, communityservice, and leadership training together. FBLA students are prepared to be the business leaders of tomorrow.

The AHS FBLA Chapter members attendexciting local high school business conferences as well as a Washington StateConference.  Winners of state conferenceevents will be representatives for AHS at the FBLA National Summer Conference.There are many FBLA student social events as well community serviceactivities.  FBLA sponsors the annualMarch of Dimes fundraiser to help prevent birth defects.  Meetings are held during 1st and 2ndlunches and are open to any AHS student who is interested in a future in thebusiness world.  The membership dues are$15 and this fee can be earned by participating in the annual fallfundraiser.  Advisers:  Vicki Munoz, Becky Keefe

TheAuburn High School Gay Straight Alliance brings together students to overcomehomophobia and create a school environment free of harassment by raisingawareness of different sexual and gender identities and advocating equaltreatment for all youth. The GSA is about nondiscrimination and positive schoolclimate, not about sex. Advisers:  Mike Grenz


For Harry Potter fans. We appreciate thebeauty that is Harry Potter and our goal is to go to the Harry Potter themepark in Florida. It’s worth the obsession <3 Adviser: Beth Cockcroft


Key Club is a student-run communityservice organization.  Adopting familiesand raising money are just a few of the projects they do each year.  Adviser: Amber Davis

Jewelry club is open tostudents enrolled in jewelry (free) or to any interested student ($1 permeeting).  They meet the second Wednesdayof each month.  The aim is to teachmembers different jewelry skills and processes than we have time to cover inclass.  Any student interested inlearning more about jewelry and making beautiful pieces of wearable art isinvited to attend.  We also set upjewelry displays in the school. Adviser:  Chris Telford

Learn to be a leader!  Practice leadership skills by doing greatthings for AHS and the Auburn Community. Leadership class is responsible for Wellness Week, Spring Fever, and manyof the activities and assemblies that occur at Auburn High School.  Criteria for membership:  Be enrolled in a leadership class.  Class meets daily. Adviser:  Katie Henry


he club provides a social setting in whichstudents can enjoy playing “Magic: The Gathering” card game.  There is no membership or playing fees, andthe club is open to all interested students. Adviser:  Michael Grenz

The AHS Manga Club is an informal group ofteens that meet on Mondays during lunch in the back of the library. This is where teens meet, eat and chat about everything relating to manga. Bring yourlunch and join the conversation! Adviser:


Math Club is for any student! Math club helps to make math and science concepts be more accessible to every student at AHS.  We meet every Wednesday after school in room 324 for a half hour to try math competition questions as well as plan and discuss upcoming events. Members of the Math Club can participate in events including: Math Day at UW, Peer tutoring, Math Club T-Shirt designing, the Imagine Tomorrow Competition at WSU, and Mathematics competitions including the Auburn School District Math Competition.  Adviser: Jason Capps

 METALS – (Skills USA)

Students take theirabilities to the next level by demonstrating leadership, welding, and machiningskills through competitions.  Studentsmust be enrolled in a metals vocational class, pay dues of $15.50, and pay fortravel expenses to contests.  Costs maybeoffset through club fund raising. Adviser: Jarred Foss

National Honor Society is forsophomores, juniors, and seniors. Members are selected annually by afive-member faculty council. Requirements include a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.6 or higher, activeinvolvement in at least two organizations (one of which must be associated withAuburn High School), completion of at least two service projects totalingsixteen hours or more (six hours must be with Honor Society) within the year,and regular participation in National Honor Society meetings.  In the spring, the faculty council reviewsthe members and selects those eligible for induction; induction is mandatory tobecome a member. Besides scholarship and service, candidates must demonstrateleadership and character.  Meetings areheld in room 308 every other Wednesday of each month.  Adviser: Sheryl Harmon and Jan Erie

Reinforces, enhances, andpromotes the activities of the orchestras at Auburn High School.  Criteria for membership:  Enrollment in one of the orchestra classes orby invitation.  Adviser:  Dale Johnson

Thenewspaper staff publishes eight issues a year that cover the events and issuesthat concern AHS students. Students must be responsible, independent workerswho can meet deadlines.  Prerequisites:  The newspaper staffneeds reporters who have successfully completed the semester-long JournalisticWriting class. Photographers, cartoonists, and computer experts are notrequired to take Journalistic Writing, but must be individually approved by theAdviser.   Adviser:  Tom Kaup

Students shoot digital film projects and learnediting skills using MAC computers.  Clubmeets every other Monday after school. Criteria for membership:  Aninterest in video filmmaking.  No membershipfee or cost to students.Adviser:  Jim Cleary  

FIRST Robotics Team 3219 aka TREAD Club (Technology, Robotics,Engineering, And Design)AuburnHigh School Robotics Club is open to all students. We compete in the FIRSTRobotics Competition that occurs in March. FIRST wasfounded in 1989 to inspire young people's interest and participation in scienceand technology. Our mission is to inspire young people to be science andtechnology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs thatbuild science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, andthat foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence,communication, and leadership. We hold weekly meetings during the preseason.Our build season is very intense beginning in January and ending late February.Find more information about our program on our SWIFT page or by checking out www.usfirst.org. Adviser:Chris Zawislak

The AHS Teen Book Clubis an informal group of teens that meet on a regular basis to chatabout…books!   This is where teens meet, eat and chat about books they have read, books they want to read and anything else in between. The TeenBook Club meets every other Wednesday during all three lunches (each student attends only during his or her lunch). Each lunch group can choose the books they want to read and discuss. The librarian joins in the fun too and sometimes brings tasty treats to eat! Bring your lunch (and a friend) and join us! Adivser:

Troy Crew is a freshman orientation and mentorship program. Based on the idea that the most valued resource in a high school is thestudents, juniors and seniors are selected to welcome  freshmen to Auburn High School.  This program is fun, inviting andenergetic.  Troy Crew Leaders run the orientation day before schoolstarts.  During the school year they provide activities for freshmen inthree areas:  academic follow ups, social events and individually leadactivities.  Our motto is Students helping Students Succeed. Prerequisite:  Must apply and be selected.  Advisers:  Katie Henry and Beth Cockcroft

*Members earn money for tournament fees,travel, banquet, team spaghetti dinner, awards slide show, etc.  Criteria for membership:  Must be a member of the volleyball team.  Adviser:  Shelley Davis

Members learn leadership and furtherwoodworking skills during class and after school.  Club is open to students enrolled inwoodworking class.  Instructor permissionrequired for students with an interest in woodworking who are not currentlytaking woodworking classes. Adviser:  Jack McCarley