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    How Does the Counseling Process  Work?

    Counseling is conducted with students individually and in small groups when requested and determined appropriate. 

    It is short-term, voluntary, and a confidential service aimed at enhancing a student’s school success, not to provide psychotherapy. 

    Parental permission is obtained prior to any extended individual or group counseling. 

    Students are seen by the counselor when:

    • Parents request and indicate a need and desire that the counselor meet with their student.
    • Students request counseling.
    • Teachers, administrators, or other school staff refers the student.

    Benefits of Counseling:

    • Success in school
    • Develop positive feelings of self
    • Develop communication skills
    • Learn to cope with changes
    • Recognize cause and effect their actions have
    • Take responsibility for their own behaviorCougar

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    This website was created and is maintained by the school counseling department of Olympic Middle. It is a resource for students, staff, parents and community members to learn more about our program.