• 5th Grade Band


    Our first day of band is Tuesday, September 20th.What if you are not ready by the first day of Band? That’s okay! You can still come to band within the first couple of weeks and students can usually catch up.

    What if we do not have the finances to rent an instrument this year? Don’t worry! The Auburn School District has committed to giving all students access to music who want it. Our schools have some instruments that families can use. However, students who need a school instrument may not be able to play their first choice of instrument, but teachers try to accommodate their students as best as they can.

    How do I get my students to band or orchestra? Parents may bring their students to school. Class starts at 7:45am, but you can bring your student as early as 7:30am. The band and orchestra rooms are right next to the bus zone, so getting your student to class is easy! Also, 5thgraders may ride the middle school bus to Olympic. We have buses that will take your students back to school in the morning. Usually, our buses leave Olympic around 8:30 to take students to their elementary schools.

    Here is a link to the Auburn School District Transportation site so you can find your routes. http://auburnsd.schoolwires.net/Page/420

    How often should my student come to band? The biggest problem for our 5th graders is that they have to get up earlier!): Parents often have difficulty getting their students to wake up, especially when it is for EXTRA school. One of the biggest factors to students ‘quitting’ band is that they feel guilty that they are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, which is coming to band. Sooooo…… our best chances of keeping students in band is if we make it as easy as possible to come to band. Our attendance suggestion is that students come to ANY two days of band per week. We don’t have band on Mondays because of PLCs. So 5th graders can pick which days they come to based on how much sleep they got the night before. And if, for some reason, your 5thgrader doesn’t get 2 days in any week, they can usually catch up if they get 2 days in the next week. But students can always come to band 4 days of week if they want to be SUPER!

    Orchestra attendance days are the same as band.

    If you have questions about band, please email Mr. Carney @ ocarney@auburn.wednet.edu.

    If you have questions about orchestra, please email Ms. Newman @ mlnewman@auburn.wednet.edu.

  • Band is fun :)
    Too cool for school!
     Marching band for you 5 years from now!