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Daily student attendance is important in ensuring student engagement and classroom participation. Anytime a student is absent, excused or unexcused, they are missing classroom lessons which can impact grades. Please encourage students to attend school everyday and reach out to the school if you have attendance concerns.

It is important to notify the school of any absences for your child. Due to state standards any student who misses two unexcused class days will need to meet with parents and administration to come up with an attendance plan. Excessive excused absences will also require a meeting. Students who miss 7 unexcused days in a month or 10 unexcused days in a year wwill be placed on a BECCA with the state courts. Students who are excessively excused may also be placed on a BECCA. Please remember to send notes, call the school, or come into the office to excuse absences. Any student who is absent for illness for three or more days will need a doctors note.

Tardiness to school will only be excused for appointments and emergencies when a parent is present, calls, or sends a note. Please plan ahead for students who walk to school and for traffic issues.


Students who miss even two days of schoool a month are considered chronically absent students.


Chronic absences can lead to decreased grades.

Students who are chronically absent in elementary and middle school have higher chances of dropping out of high school.

Chronically absence students can be placed on a BECCA through the court system.


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Attendance Secretary