• What is A.P. Capstone? 

    A.P. Capstone is an accelerated program of study focused on college-level, student-driven research projects.  The program consists of three components:

    1. Taking any 4 A.P. classes and passing the College Board exam for each class.
    2. Taking A.P. Seminar and passing the College Board assessment for the class.
    3. Taking A.P. Research and passing the College Board assessment for the class.


    What recognition do A.P. Capstone students earn?

    First, pursuing A.P. Capstone gives high school students a chance to earn college credit at ARHS.  In addition, students in A.P. Capstone will stand out in the college and scholarship application process.

    Students who complete the requirements will also earn an honor cord to wear at the Auburn Riverside graduation ceremony. Students who pass their four A.P. exams, A.P. Seminar, and A.P. Research will also--in addition to the honor cord--earn an A.P. Capstone Diploma from the College Board.


    How do students enroll in A.P. Capstone?

    The program is open-enrollment, although we encourage students to select the program only if they are intrinsically motivated to accelerate and deepen their learning.

    To enter the program, students should complete the following steps during their four years at Auburn Riverside:

    1. Take A.P. Language during 10th grade.
    2. Take A.P. Seminar during 11th grade.
    3. Take A.P. Research during 12th grade.
    4. Take an additional three A.P. courses while at ARHS, grades 9-12.


    Where can I find additional information on A.P. Capstone?

    For additional information, please visit the College Board A.P. Capstone website or contact Ben Barta: bbarta@auburn.wednet.edu