• Start of school schedule change requests


    Schedule change request forms available after school - 2nd full day of school (typically Thursday)


    Last day to pick up a schedule change request form - the following Monday


    Last day to turn in schedule change request forms - Friday following the 1st week of school



    2nd semester schedule change requests 2023-2024


    Here are the directions for 2nd semester schedule change requests: (forms can be picked up and dropped off at the Career Center)


    Tuesday, January 30 - Friday, February 2: pick up a request form and take it home for parent's signature


    Wednesday, January 31 - Monday, February 5: turn in your parent-signed request form.


    All forms are due by the end of the day on Monday, Feb 5. 


    Please know that there are only certain criteria for changes to be granted.  The criteria are:


    • Missing Graduation requirements

    • Previously passed (enrolled in Geometry 1, but already passed, etc.)

    • Wrong level of course (enrolled in Woodworking 4, but never taken course)

    • Missing prerequisites (enrolled in Spanish 3/4, but failed Spanish 2)

    • Running Start

    • Emergency (immediate action required, safety issue)


    Any requests not meeting one of these criteria will be held and only addressed if time allows.