Auburn School District No. 408




    Dear Parent/Guardian:


    Washington State compulsory attendance law (RCW 28A.225) and Auburn School District policy require parents/guardians to ensure students between the ages of six (eight years of age if the student has not yet attended public schools) and seventeen attend school every day that school is in session.  The following outlines procedures followed by the Auburn School District:


    ·         One unexcused absence during any month of the school year:  The school will inform you (and/or your student) of the unexcused absence (usually by telephone, but notification may also be in writing).


    ·         Two unexcused absences during any month of the school year:  A conference will be scheduled with you and your student to discuss the cause of the unexcused absences and find solutions to prevent further absences.  The district considers student attendance a team effort.  (If a regularly scheduled parent/teacher conference will occur within 30 days of the second unexcused absence, the district may schedule the required conference on that day.)


    ·         Five unexcused absences within a 30-day period:  The school must enter into a written truancy agreement/contract with the family, where the parent/guardian, student and school agree on the necessary steps to resolve the student’s attendance problem.


    ·         Seven unexcused absences in a month or ten unexcused absences in a given school year: Washington State statutes permit the following actions to be taken by a school district:


    ·         The district and/or parent/guardian shall petition (Becca petition) the juvenile court to order the student to attend school.


    ·         If this court order is violated, the court will call for a Contempt Hearing.  At that hearing, the court may impose sanctions on the student, which may include writing an essay, community service, work crew, electronic home monitoring and/or juvenile detention.


    ·         The court is also authorized to fine parent/guardian not more than $25 for each day of unexcused absence from school.



    Legislative changes in the compulsory attendance law regulate the manner in which school districts work with parents/guardians regarding students’ unexcused absences.  The school district’s general rules, procedures and regulations related to student attendance remain unchanged.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions. 



    Ed Herda




    Student safety and academic progress are important to parents and educators. 
    Here are some tips to prevent absences:




    ·         Talk about family expectations regarding school attendance

    ·         Discuss family expectations for earning a high school diploma

    ·         Praise positive behaviors and achievements in school.

    ·         Look for attitudes from your youth that indicate unhappiness with school or fear of attending school.  Listen to what they say and ask questions.



    ·         Ask the school about their policy and procedures on excusing absences from school.


    ·         Respond quickly when the school notifies you of an unexcused absence.

    ·         Learn how you can check your student’s attendance.

    ·         Immediately address issues of concern about your student with the teacher and the counselor.