30908 124th Avenue SE

Auburn, WA 98092

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Lea Hill Elementary School

30908 124th Avenue SE | Auburn, WA 98092

p: 253-931-4982 | f: 253-931-4733


Construction of Lea Hill Elementary

On December 14, 1964, the following contracts were approved for the construction of the Lea Hill Elementary School:

General ........... $395,349
Mechanical ........127,600
Electrical .............37,863
Total ...............$560,812

Financing was provided by State (43.28 per cent) and local (56.72 per cent) moneys.

The building contains 38,454 square feet of floor space at a cost of $16.04 per square foot, including architect's fees, sales tax, and improvement of the grounds.

Don Allison & Associates
Auburn, WA
General Contractor
C.E. Skinner, Inc.
Orting, WA
Mechanical Contractor
Allison Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Tacoma, WA
Electrical Contractor
Van S. McKenney, Inc.
Seattle, WA

Lea Hill Elementary opened it's doors in September 1965 with 374 students. Lea Hill's Dedication took place on October 24, 1965.