• Nature Trail

    (information taken from Dedication Program brochure)

    The environmental study site at Lea Hill Elementary School is one of 11 sites in the U.S. recently designated a National Environmental Education Landmark (NEEL). NEEL is part of a program designated by the National Park Service to make environmental learning an integral part of American education from kindergarten through high school. In announcing the selection of the 11 sites across the United States, Secretary of the Interior Rogers C. B. Morton said that the "designation of National Environmental Education Landmarks is to encourage the use of outstanding locations which are not in federal ownership to teach the relationship between man and his environment."

    The Lea Hill Environmental Study Laboratory was established in 1966. The 10 acre site is used by all classes at the school, by Green River Community College students, and on request by organized youth and adult groups. It is a natural area of grassy meadows, low brush, swamp and forest directly adjoining Lea Hill Elementary. A trail system, bridges, amphitheater, and other minor developments have been constructed so as not to intrude upon the natural scene.

    The award is the result of the work of many persons, and, thus, it was deemed appropriate that more than one person receive recognition at the dedication ceremonies. The award will be presented to Robert Terrell, Lea Hill Elementary principal; Sterling "Bud" Kulman, Lea Hill Elementary principal 1965-1970; and Larry Hill, former coordinator of environmental education for Auburn School District.