Features of Interest
    (taken from the school Dedication Program brochure)

    The Lea Hill Elementary School has a cluster arrangement of classrooms which provides separation of the various age groups of the children in the building and on the playground. Each of the three clusters has six classrooms grouped about a central core of toilet rooms, teachers' workroom, and janitor storage. The teacher's workroom is used by the six teachers in the cluster.

    Each classroom has an individual hot-water heating and ventilating unit. A central package-type boiler supplies the heat for the buildings.

    Safety features of the Lea Hill School include exits from the classrooms directly to the outdoors and a protected bus-loading area. The bus-loading area is located off the street making it easier to supervise the loading of children. Buses never need to back up.

    The large multi-purpose room (50'x72') is used for many school activities, and has been built without windows to provide daytime and nighttime lighting control. Films may be shown in this room without any special preparation of lighting. A folding stage will be provided for school plays and assembly programs, parent-teacher association activities, and other group presentations.

    All cafeteria equipment and built-in cabinets were included in the contract cost.

    One of the most recent experiments in school improvement is the use of carpeting in the library. Installed at a slightly higher cost, it is expected to greatly improve the library atmosphere and attitude of the children and at the same time reduce noises to a minimum. Maintenance costs of the carpet should be about the same as other flooring. Your school district is using the Lea Hill library as a "proving ground" for this material and the result of this test will be interesting, we are sure.

    The wet weather which we have for most of the school year points out the need for ample covered play areas. Lea hill Elementary School has two covered play courts; one for the primary grades and a larger one for older children. These are located adjacent to their outdoor play fields.

    Larger parking areas were necessary at this school because there is no parking available on the streets. The rear parking lot is for evening use and will be used as a play space during the school day. During a portion of this year the Green River college students will use this parking area while attending classes in six rooms at Lea Hill.

    All the materials used in this new school were selected for their permanence and maintenance-free qualities. Generous use of brick, ceramic tile, aluminum, and steel are evident.