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    Dear Parents/Guardians,                                                               September 2021


    Welcome to the 2021-22  school year! We are looking forward to a great year of reading and learning in the library. The Bowman Creek Elementary Library houses thousands of books and a wonderful computer lab. Our mission is to ensure that all students are effective users of ideas and information. With the aid of our resources and the goal of integrating technology, we hope to give all students the ability to be creative, life-long learners. 


    Weekly Library Visits

    Your child will visit the library one to two times per week depending on grade level (see schedule below). During the scheduled library time, students will enjoy literature, learn the many skills needed to locate materials in a library and have the opportunity to practice digital citizenship and Computer Science skills. Each student may check out books during their library time. 


    Check Out Procedures

    Kindergarten students check out one book, grades 1-5 will check out two books each week and all books are due on their scheduled library day. Students must have all books returned before being allowed to check out additional books so please help remind your students to bring back their book each week.


    Behavior Expectations

    To ensure a positive learning environment for all, students are expected to be respectful, responsible and safe. These expectations will be taught and rules will be displayed in the library. Students who display these behaviors will be rewarded with positive reinforcement as well as other incentives. 

    We encourage all students to choose appropriate behavior. However, when a student chooses not to cooperate with these rules, the following consequences are implemented:

    • A reminder to follow library rules will be given.
    • Think Time.  Students will be asked to go to the designated desk to think about how their behavior has interrupted their learning and those around them and/or to calm themselves before returning to their learning. If a student misses a significant amount of learning time, she/she will be asked to return during their recess time to make sure they are successful. 

    Mrs. Leyda will be teaching in the library Tuesday-Friday and Ms. Behrend will teach on Mondays. Ms. Wate, our amazing para educator, will be here each day. If you have questions or concerns please call or email both Ms. Behrend and myself so we can efficiently answer your questions in a timely manner.


    We look forward to a great year. 



    Ms. Leyda                                                                Ms. Wate

    Bowman Creek Librarian                                             Library Para Educator

    253-931-4959                                                           dwate@auburn.wednet.edu



    Ms. Behrend

    Instructional Specialist/Library



    Weekly Library Schedule


    Monday                                                           Thursday                                                    

    Flatt                                                                Hendricks

    Mischke                                                           Littell

    Brown                                                             Goaslind-computer science

    Stenson                                                           Day


    Tuesday                                                        Friday

    Celver                                                             Flatt- computer science

    Wooding                                                          MacGurn-computer science

    Lynch                                                              Hauser/Rusev

    Goaslind                                                          House