• The next PTA meeting is Thursday, Dec. 1st, at 4 PM, in the Library.

                                    TERMINAL PARK PTA

    Terminal Park's PTA overall purpose is to make every childs potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities, to advocate for all children and to bring parents, teachers, students, and our community together as a whole to make our children thrive.

    Terminal Park PTA is better.....with YOU!!  By being part of the Terminal Park PTA you give children a voice.  With your help, by joining the PTA as a member not only do you help your child, but you help others as well as give back to your community.  Research has shown children learn more and enjoy a better quality of life when parents, school staff, students, and the community work together.  PTA brings these groups together to share thoughts and ideas about programs and activities that benefit children.

    The PTA not only works with your school, but the PTA works with the community helping others who are in need.  Please consider working with the PTA as a member. 


    Your 2016-2017 PTA Officers are:

    President:  Tabitha Jumelet

    Vice President:

    Treasurer: Karen Wilburn

    Secretary: Celeste Taylor 


    You may contact us at: terminalparkpta@gmail.com 


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