• Terri Herren

    Mrs. Terri Herren, Principal of Auburn Mountainview High School

    I began teaching and coaching at Auburn High School in 1981 as a physical education teacher, gymnastics and cheer coach.  I became an Assistant Principal at AHS in 2003.  When Auburn Mountainview High School opened in 2005, I was so excited to be part of the planning and creating a new culture as an Assistant Principal at AMHS.  I can’t believe this is my 11th year as the Principal of the World’s Greatest High School, Auburn Mountainview. 

    I am married to a wonderful man, Dee Herren, who retired this year after teaching 30 years at Rainier Middle School. He supports all of my endeavors at AMHS even though I don’t seem to make it home at a decent hour.  

    We have three grown children: KC, who works for a wealth management firm in Seattle, and his wife, Breana, live with our three adorable grandchildren in Auburn; Kate, who is a captain in the Marine Corps, has completed her master’s degree at the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey, California, and is currently stationed in San Diego; and our youngest, Kristin, who just earned her master’s in Fine Arts at Sarah Lawrence College and is currently teaching Special Education Language Arts at AMHS.

    I graduated from W.F West High School in Chehalis, Washington, in 1977 and went on to graduate from Oregon College of Education with a BA in Education in 1981.  I earned my Masters of Educational Administration from the University of Washington in 2002.

    I have always loved my job and career in education.  My ultimate goal is to uphold our school’s Mission and Vision Statements and to make sure each student has a positive experience at Auburn Mountainview.

    Mission Statement:

    Staff: In a mutually respectful and safe community, each student will:

    • Achieve high standards of learning
    • Demonstrate responsible citizenship   
    • Value life-long learning

    Students:  In a supportive and spirited community, we as students will:

    • Recognize the achievement of ourselves and our peers inside the classroom and during outside activities.        
    • Be kind to everyone
    • Take responsibility for our own learning

    Mission 2018-2019: 100% Lion Pride – In Everything We Do!

    Vision Statement:

    Staff:  The vision of Auburn Mountainview High School is to develop in students the skills and attitudes that will maximize their potential for life-long learning and ethically responsible decision making.

    Students:  The vision of Auburn Mountainview students is to create a school environment that embraces individuality, values learning, promotes respect, and is dedicated to making a difference in our community not only now, but through graduation and beyond.

    Vision 2018-2019: Be Intentional

    I can’t tell you enough what a pleasure it is that you share your fantastic students with us.  The trust you have placed in us, as a staff, make us grateful for the community that we live and work in.  Our teachers take what we do seriously, and this staff delivers daily on your high expectations. They never cease to impress me in their care, devotion, and interest in meeting our students’ needs. Join me in being part of the parent community that is involved, engaged, and looking to help us continuously reach higher. I am at your service, so please don't hesitate to share how we can guarantee the best success for your student.

    Here is to a fantastic year!  Each day we are closer to ON TIME GRADUATION for EACH Student! 100% is our GOAL!