• AUBURN MOUNTAINVIEW THEATRE COMPANY proudly presents 2 short plays Lockdown”  & Impromptu”  -  (Lockdown) In a dark classroom, eight students sit in an "official lockdown," not knowing if it's just a drill or an actual emergency. When a hysterical younger girl bolts from the room and the teacher follows, the remaining students are left alone to decide if it's safer to stay or run.  

    Please note: Mature language and intense situations. Ages 13 and up.

    (Impromptu) - Four actors sit on a darkened stage, awaiting the arrival of the stage manager who has called them together; they are “type” characters in search of a play and they only know that they are not to leave the stage until they have "acted out the play," but all happening in front of an audience.


    Performances will be presented in our intimate seating arrangement up on the stage so seating is limited.

    Tickets are $5.00 at the door. MAY 17,18,19 & 24,25,26th @ 7:00 pm

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