• 2019-2020 Team Swimsuit is available to purchase!

    This suit is required for the season, if anyone has an issue with purchasing the suit please contact Corey Smith.



    We get a great deal on our Team Suit from DJ Sports! They will ship your suit directly to you, and we still get the team discount!

    Click here for the link to our store!

    Additional Team Gear can be found at this link from 9/25/19 to 9/29/19!



    A few items we want to note about the suit:

    This suit is made from the new Durafast ELITE material, which appears to last fairly well. It will not stretch nearly as much as the older spandex/lycra suits, but will last hundreds of hours longer. You will want the suit to be tight but still comfortable. Expect for it to stretch a little bit during the first couple of wears. You can view their sizing chart on the website!