Auburn High School prepares students to successfully transition from high school to their post graduation plans through a four-year program called Trojan Transitions. Following high school, some students plan to attend college or community college, others enlist in the military or enter technical school, apprenticeships, while others directly enter the workforce. No matter what they intend to do following high school,Trojan Transition helps students understand necessary steps to take in order to achieve their plan.

    All students meet four times a year in class sessions with their Transition Advisory teacher. Freshmen, Sophomores,and Juniors are given materials to complete, due the following session. These materials are designed to help students think through and develop a plan to follow in school. Their plan for after high school graduation may change and evolve as they continue to evaluate their skills and interest during these years.

    Seniors create a Culminating Portfolio which illustrates their progress throughout high school towards meeting their post-graduation plans. In class sessions, Seniors work towards the completion of documents critical for their culminating portfolios with due dates for particular items at each Trojan Transition session. Culminating Portfolios must be turned in by Feb. 14, 2014.

    After meeting standard on the Culminating Portfolio, Seniors sign up to make a 15 minute presentation of their information to a panel of teachers, administrators, community members, and family. The dates for presentations are March 18th, 20th,25th, and 27th.  Seniors must pass both the portfolio and presentation to meet the graduation requirement.

    All Seniors, including Special Education students, English Language Learner students, 504 plan students and transfer students are required to meet standard on the Culminating Portfolio and Presentation as part of their graduation requirements.

    For further information and copies of all documents, click below on the grade level link or call.

    Roger Lee

    Assistant Principal