• Troy Crew

    The Mission of Troy Crew is to build our leadership skill through character development, service and mentorship.

    Event                                      Date                                        Time              

    TroyCrew Training                Tuesday,August 30                 11:00-2:30(mandatory)         

    TroyCrew Training                Wednesday,August 31            11:00-2:30 (mandatory)

    Registration                            Thursday, September 1           8:00-3:00(mandatory 2 hr)

    OrientationPrep Day              Tuesday, September 6             11:00-2:30 (mandatory)         

    FreshmanOrientation             Wednesday, September 7         6:30 AM-Noon (mandatory)



    · Pay for my T-shirt: $10 to the bookkeeper—youget your shirt on Day 2 of the training.

    · See Mrs. Henry for Donation information for theAuction.