• Support your Senior with a special Senior Ad.  
    Examples of past Senior Ads are below!
    Full Page Senior Ad
    Full Page Ad 2014 Yearbook  
     Cost:  $150.00.  Dimensions are 10" High by 8" Wide.  
    Half Page Senior Ad 
    Half Page Ad 2014 Yearbook  
     Cost: $75.00.  Dimensions: 5" High X 8" Wide
    Quarter Page Ad
     Quarter Page Ad 2014
    Cost:  $50.00.  Dimensions are 5" High by 3.75" Wide.
    Questions? Please contact yearbook adviser Thomas Kaup at tkaup@auburn.wednet.edu or 253-931-4880.
    We reserve a limited number of pages in the yearbook for Senior Ads, so they are sold until all space is reserved.
      Cutoff date for all ad sales is Wednesday, February 26, 2020
    Deadline to turn in or submit your ad (on paper or saved as a JPEG file using a computer program) is Wednesday, February 26, 2020
    There are TWO ways to submit your ad. (Please contact Mr. Kaup if you have ANY questions by email tkaup@auburn.wednet.edu or phone) about submitting your ad.
    Option 1:  Create using construction paper, or heavier cardboard, cut to the exact size of the ad using the dimensions below:
    Quarter (1/4) page:$50.  (5" high by 3.75 (3/4)" wide), in inches.
    Half page (1/2):     $75.  (5" high by 8" wide) (large index card size).
    Full page,               $150   (10" high by 8" wide),copy paper minus 1 inch.
    After your ad is created, bring it in to the school and we will scan the entire ad and put the image into the yearbook exactly as given.  This must be brought or sent to school by: 
                                                 Wednesday, February, 26, 2020
    Option 2:  Create your ad using a computer program.

       Using computer software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator, set the document dimensions as follows:

                       Quarter page:  5" high,  3.5 " wide

                       Half page:       5" high,   8" wide

                       Full page:      10" high,   8" wide

     Scan and place your photographs and arrange onto the document as you wish. Insert words and phrases as you wish as well.  When finished with your design, find the FIND command at the upper left.  Choose SAVE AS, and then make sure you change the KIND of document to a JPEG file.  The extension after the file name should be .jpeg or .jpg.


    Your ad can be submitted on a FLASH DRIVE dropped off to school or uploaded to the school Yearbook Website on Balfour.  Directions to upload an image are below:


    1.  Open a web browser

    2.  Go to www.images.balfour.com

    3.  Put in the school project number:  024637

    4.  Put in the password:  Trojan2020.

    Follow the directions to upload the file and type in the student names in the photo.




    Extremely important:  All ads must be saved in HIGH  Resolution of at least 300 DPI.  File format must be

    JPEG as well.  No other file format will work or be accepted. Please contact Mr. Kaup if you have

    any questions.


    All payments for ads or yearbooks must be made directly to the AHS Bookkeeper's office through the internet link to pay there or in person in the school.


    Thank you for your support.