• Thank you for all of your help, your volunteering is very much appreciated and will make this season GREAT!


    Amounts DUE:  NEW 2020 information will be coming soon! We will need all player to purchase the team swimming suit. I am working on having a sizing kit come to the school so the girls can try them on to confirm what size they would like (probably week of Feb 10th, 2020). We will have other optional items for purchase but only the suit is required. Every player will also receive a team shirt for free paid for by our booster funds. If you do not have the funds for a swimming suit or if you have any questions or concerns, please email Coach Jenni.


    We have a few ways of Staying Connected and having the most up to date information:

    • Website: Keep coming back here to check for updated information!
    • Email Announcements (new): I am looking at sending out announcement emails to parents throughout the season, if you would like to have an email sent to you, please email me so I have your email address: Coach Jenni
    • Remind: We have created a PARENT Remind group. Take out your phone and Text: @wpolopar To Phone#: 81010, If you don't Text, you can email: wpolopar@mail.remind.com (you can leave subject blank)
    • Calendar: I am updating this all season long: you can subscribe this calendar on your phone or you can just save this calendar link: https://www.auburn.wednet.edu/Page/18680
    • Email Coach directly: Please email Coach Jenni if you have any questions or concerns
    • FACEBOOK: Join our Auburn Mountainview Girls Water Polo page



    Volunteering Requests:

    Required: We need quite a bit of help for our Home games (game schedule still pending). If you don't know how to run the clock or scorebook we will teach you how :)

    Signup sheets for the following (will update once schedule if finalized): www.volunteersignup.org/RKKLL

    • 1 Game Clock
    • 1 Scorebook
    • 1 Spotter (sit by Scorebook to help)
    • 1 Cashier (take $ at the door)

    Optional: We would also love to have a few concessions to sell at home games, items would be donated, and funds would go directly to the team. Sitting in the pool stands can be pretty warm and fans love having cold water.

    Signup sheets for the following (will update once schedule if finalized): www.volunteersignup.org/8D3MB

    • Cooler & Ice
    • Water bottles
    • Other snacks (granola bars, bananas, candy bars or chips)