AHS Logo  

    AHS VISION Statement:

    Our Aspirations & Hopes

    “Empower diverse individuals to become successful life-long learners.”


    AHS MISSION Statement:

    Our mission is to RAISE learning outcomes for students through: 

    (R) Rigor with Relevance 

    (A) Academic Standards

    (I) Inclusive Community

    (S) Skill Development and 

    (E) Ethical Citizenship


    • Rigor  is defined as utilizing inquiry-based, collaborative strategies to challenge and engage learners resulting in increasingly   complex levels of understanding. Rigorous instruction involves designing and facilitating learning experiences that help students make meaning, specific for each discipline, for themselves. (adapted from Advancement Via Individual Determination - AVID)  

    • Relevance is the intentional act of taking into account the backgrounds, experiences, cultural capital, aspirations, and needs of our learners so that they are compelled to engage in a meaningful curriculum to fully realize the intended outcomes. And to successfully attain these intended outcomes in differentiated ways as prescribed or as needed.

    • Academic Standards are the learning benchmarks that academic instruction, performance tasks, and regular assessments develop from, and are aligned to. The standards are the standards and as long as learning targets and success criteria are transparent, shared, and understood, learners will know and be able to act on what is expected of them.

    • An inclusive community offers everything that it can to respect all its citizens, providing them full access to resources, and promoting fair treatment and opportunity. Inclusive communities work to eliminate all forms of discrimination and engages all its citizens in decision-making processes that affect their lives. Inclusive communities value diversity.

    • Skill Development speaks to our ability and capacity to offer a guaranteed and viable curriculum in preparing our students for the essential and transferable knowledge they will need to successfully transition from middle school to high school, throughout high school,  and from high school graduation to a viable post-secondary plan.

    • Ethical Citizenship is modeled so that students, too, will accept responsibilities and duties, and act in accordance with our community values.